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Back Pain Treatment Testimonial

Back Pain Testimonials

"Life saving: 5 years ago I broke my neck and back in Maui in a diving accident. I had trauma surrounding my injury, and was hesitant and anxious in my search for a chiropractor that would be able to adjust my subluxations while making me feel safe and comfortable. Dr. Elena Vince, DC, (Montecito Chiropractic) has worked wonders for my body, and regular visits to her practice have been an integral part of my continued recovery. She is extremely professional; she is consistent and reliable, and goes above and beyond to ensure that her patients are under the best care available. She takes the time to inform and explain to her patients what she is doing and where they are in their recovery journeys. Her gentle and effective vertebral manipulations always provide relief in “non-invasive” and sustaining ways. There’s no jarring, twisting, aggressive torsion- everything just releases. If you want the absolute best care available, Montecito Chiropractic is the place to go. The location has easy parking, the staff is welcoming and always has a smile, the practice is tranquil and doing everything and more to ensure the safety of its clients during COVID19 measures.
To Dr. Elena and everyone at Montecito Chiropractic, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Thanks to you, I have my quality of life back. I’m living a more happy, healthy, and resilient life.
(Just a side note- My life has been so changed by this practice, that I myself have become interested in and am pursuing a chiropractic career. What Dr. Elena has been able to do for me is what I want to do for others. She’s the best there is).
Give’m a call and feel the relief! - Shea O’Malley (24: cervical injury)"

Shea O.

"Absolutely love my visit with them! From first contact with the lovely young lady at front desk to Dr. Vince’s magical hands, my experience was Superb - sans the pain. Thank You! "

Rosalva M.

"Dr. Vince, Dr. Francis, Stephanie and Selena are earth angels!! Always pleasant always support and compassionate, this is a special place. I originally went in with a lot of symptoms and in a very short time most of those have disappeared or are dramatically reduced. The adjustments have made a huge difference for me and I’m extremely grateful to have found them."

Danielle A.

"I’ve been seeing Elena for years... She always has my best interest in mind and is able to advise on good movements & small life changes that are really helpful. She always has such very lovely people working with her as well! The staff is always quite friendly & helpful, and the other doctors she works with are always quite good as well! (Thanks Dr. Francis & Selena!)"

Carl T.

"method properly (and precisely) aligns the top of your spine with the base of your skull. Then your full spine pretty much unwinds and self-corrects from top to bottom.
They are completely dedicated to results (and gentleness). I have worked with them for a matter of a few months, and stubborn neck and back pain / knots I’ve had for about 4 years are gone.
Life-changing really.
I’ve been to other chiropractors for 10+ years and never gotten near the results."

Eli F.

"Montecito Chiropractic offices is the best of all time! They share their knowledge, talent and discipline with all their patients and have adapted to the insane safety requirements to ensure our protection as we seek treatment. My family has been with them for at least 20 years and our kids bring their kids! Fantastic environment!"

Paul G.

"I am so impressed by how every time I come in for an adjustment everyone is so professional and cheerful and greets you like your company. They are always courteous. I love how with my recent visit there are cubicles between each treatment table to protect us but I also like it for privacy. They are sanitizing between clients and using all precautions to keep us all safe. When I go in for a treatment I can tell a big difference that day or next. They have an angles gift with their hands. I thank you for being here for us!. Dr. Vince works miracles with my pain. So glad I found them."

Darlene T.

"Dr. Vince is fantastic. I commute long hours in the car day after day, and seeing her for an adjustment each week is what saves me. I definitely recommend Montecito Chiropractic!"

Jerome M.

"This is the best place ever for chiropractic adjustments and healing wellness! Dr Elena Vince and her team are so full of positive and healing energy as soon as you walk through the door. Dr. Vince's adjustments are gentle and healing and she gives me great advice on how to improve my wellbeing. I'd give her 10 stars here if I could!"

Angellina P.

"I have been fortunate enough to be in Elena's care for many years and cannot say enough about her consistent ability to alleviate my pain & return me to health whenever I go out of adjustment; and I have seen the benefit of being in regular maintenance and having my body return easier to alignment and stay healthy as opposed to occasional treatment after an incident.

She is very good and has an excellent rapport with her patients & is a patient & tireless educator. Thank you Elena for all you do !!"

Carl T.

"Seriously, I've had much better care/results here than any of my MD's where I pay quite a bit in monthly medical expenses for services I only use 1-2 times a year!

In additional to feeling like permanent improvements are happening, I feel like my "whole self" is being cared for by not just Dr. Vince but her staff, too. Along with chiropractic care, they are genuinely there to offer help with nutrition, exercise ideas and simple lifestyle adjustment ideas. They have fun little office things that keep me cheery, even when I'm not feeling my best. Flavored water, cider during the holidays and ever changing motivational encouragement on white boards!"

Christine G.

"Through Chiropractic care our family has gained numerous rewards. Victor no longer has a lasting pain of over 10 years. Marie sleeps better without low back pain. Joline feels more aligned and has a greater understanding of the human body. Nicole no longer has upper back pain, and is conscious of the effect of everyday activity. We enjoy coming to Montecito Chiro, they are a wonderful staff. Thank you so much. "

Victor, Marie, Nicole, and Joline Tellechea

"My experience with chiropractors has been a positive one. It helps a lot! There has been several times that I had stopped going to my adjustments and I notice I don't feel as good. I feel desperate in a bad mood because of the horrible pain, but once I go back to the chiropractor in a week or so I start noticing the difference and I feel no pain. With the help of the chiropractor I've been able to work! For so many years I was in constant pain and now I feel relieved. I have a better outlook of things and definitely have notice decrease of pain in my body and back.

Mi experiencia con los quiropracticos es muy buena por que yo siento que ayudan mucho pues ya muchas veces me he sentido muy mal cuando paso mucho tiempo sin visitar un quiropractico me siento muy desesperada y con mucho dolor y me siento como enojada por el dolor ya cuando despues ya visito un quiropractico como una semana ya veo y siento la diferencia yo se que no me alivio completamente pero con la ayuda que el quiropractico me a dado he podido trabajar por mucho tiempo por que yo tengo muchos anos de haberme lastimado si ya no hubiera visitado un quiropractico yo les aseguro que yo no hubiera podido trabajar siempre tengo mis dolores pero mi mente esta mas despejada no me siento triste y muchos de mis dolores han menorado."

Isaura Doinaire

"I started having back pain in October 2010. After feeling as though I had razor blades in my lower back I finally went to the doctor. I was told I had a back spasm and was given muscle relaxers and told to lay flat in bed for two days. The medication did not help and my back showed no signs of improvement. I made an appointment with Dr. Vince the following week. What I liked the best is that Dr. Vince did not just give me an adjustment and send me on my way. She took xrays and shared the results in great detail with me and my husband so we both could really understand the issue. I started out with three visits a week and eventually went to two visits a week. My back has improved so much that I now have one visit a week. My lifestyle has changed dramatically. I am more active and work out 5 times a week. This is something I could have NEVER done a year ago. More importantly, I have learned so much about my body over the past year. Knowledge is power and Dr. Vince has given me that power. She has had a tremendous impact on my life over the past year. I no longer carry around Aleve, Advil, etc. And when my entire office got hit with a cold last month, I was the only one who did not get get sick. I know it was because my body has grown stronger and I owe that strength to Dr. Vince!"

Audrey Whirlow

"Marie: Before my hip and my neck were always hurting, I just felt like it was out of place, and now I have no more hip issues or lower back issues like I used to have. It used to be hard to get out of bed, and now all that is gone. Its been very beneficial for me, I've seen major changes in my life. I feel like I'm 18, I feel really good. Michael: My neck used to hurt and now that I come here it has helped me. I can learn better without my neck hurting. 'As long as Dr. Elena is here, will be here'"

Marie and Michael Tellechea

"Milestones urge us to reflect on the past as well as to look to the future. Looking back to the early 1990's, and my early 30's, the image returns of a time when a back injury nearly prevented me from achieving the most satisfying pursuits of the subsequent years. Like many moms, while lifting my boys at the park when they were little, I hurt my lower back. The orthopedic surgeon and the chiropractor agreed as to the x-ray findings-but not as to the treatment recommendation. The surgeon could do nothing short of surgery-he told me to rest. The chiropractor advised adjustments. When "resting" did not promote any improvement, I began chiropractic. My back healed in a month! Additionally, my neck and wrists improved-no more "carpal tunnel" syndrome. I could resume building my life and strength. The results included ten years of aerobics, body building, skiing, softball and hiking-no back problems to get in the way. Keeping up with the kids as they grew was the greatest result. Dr. Elena Vince has been trustworthy, capable and completely in synch with my athletic aspirations and active lifestyle choices.

The next decade, with regular chiropractic adjustments, was filled with high energy activities-at 40, I began playing ice hockey, and continued to ski every winter. All through the years of the kids' competitive sports, snowboarding, travel and educational pursuits, I was able to keep pace and be involved. This includes the demands of career in law, where sitting at a desk for hours can be a bigger challenge to spine health than the most strenuous sports.

Now, at 50, I still ski and play hockey. I even started snowboarding last season! When the boys visit from college, we ski and snowboard together. Dr. Elena helped me through a sports injury this year, so that I could return to the slopes as soon as possible. My medical doctor advised it would be beneficial to have my spine adjusted, and he was right! Injuries bring the fear of limitation-but chiropractic speeds recovery and removes the obstacle to freedom.

Looking back, I realize how chiropractic kept me strong and healthy enough not to lose pace with my aspirations. Looking forward, trust and confidence in chiropractic will be keys to protecting my future health so that my most loved activities will remain reality."

Ronnie Wagner

"I have improved moods, and less pain and tension in lower back. I am now able to focus more on my personal life, instead of the pain. The relief I have gotten from the adjustments, was unimaginable to me without pills or surgery. I feel like a new person. The experience of the visit is always enjoyable. Keep up the good work Dr. Elena!"

Francisco Villamar

"I first came to see Dr. Vince because I had a lot of severe low back pain. I could not sleep, be seated, stand or lie down on my back. Walking was very difficult and I could not work-it was like I was cut in two. I did not know where to turn. Then a friend said that I should see a chiropractor. That is when I found Doctor Elena and felt the confidence that she would be able to help me. She explained what a subluxation is and how it affects the body, as well as the process of correction to alleviate my pain and improve my health. As soon as I started my care I began to see the difference in my body. At first it was a little difficult to get use to, but than I started to feel better. I was able to do things I originally could not do without pain. I've been here in this office for almost 10 months now and I have never felt better!! I no longer feel tired, depressed, anxious or unable to sleep since I've been getting my chiropractic adjustments. Even my relationships with my husband and daughter have changed a lot. Before, I was always stressed and in a bad mood, now I have more energy and the desire to do many things.

I decided to bring my daughter Priscilla to get checked by Dr. Elena too. I realized how important this is for her health and I want to prevent her from suffering any type of pain. Priscilla has always suffered from digestive problems and constipation. She normally had to take laxative drinks in order for her to have bowel movements. Now since she started getting adjusted she does not need to take anything at all!!! I'm so grateful for having met Dr. Elena and her amazing work she has done on me and my daughter. Thanks to Dr. Elena, I have learned many great things about health. I know it is not only Dr. Elena's amazing adjustments, but we also have to learn how to take good care of our bodies. We need to eat healthier and exercise more. Thanks to Chiropractic we have more energy and we are happier.

Now I know the importance of getting adjusted not just because of symptoms, but for health maintenance. Again, thanks to Dr. Elena and her staff for being friendly and always making me feel good. I'm very happy that I found them. They have made big changes in my life."

Priscilla Munoz

Mauricio ranked 12th at the state championships overall (second highest ranking junior) & currently ranks 38th in the nation.

"Before chiropractic I had back pain, neck pain and knee pain. Once I started coming here for care I noticed I had no more back pain in a short time. I started getting sick less often. I had more energy and slept a lot better. As I kept coming in for my maintenance adjustments my performance in track and field kept getting better and better because I'm more healthy all the time. I think that breaking a school record had to do a lot with coming here and getting checked every weekend and eating healthy. It helps a lot keeping my body aligned. It has also helped me be more focused in school. I could sit down for a longer amount of time, which before chiropractic I was not able to. My neck would start hurting and could not sit down as much. Now I could sit down and focus and do just about anything. It feels great and I have learned that having a healthy nervous system is essential to do everything you want in life."

Mauricio Cornejo

"Hi! This is Marla Moresi. I was referred to Dr. Elena Vince back in early January of 2009 by my mother who had been coming to Dr. Vince for close to 15 years. My mom has always raved about what a fabulous chiropractor Dr. Vince is and how much she has aided in my mom's back recovery. I was always a bit leery about coming to see a chiropractor, mostly for the reason that I thought once you start you really wouldn't be able to stop. Now I have a completely different outlook on chiropractic care.

In the fall of 2008' I slipped a large disk in my lower back. The pain become worse as the months passed and eventually the disk was sitting at my sciatic nerve. By the end of the year I had nearly reached a point where I could no longer exercise, sit, or sleep without major discomfort. I am an ultra runner and at this point I was pretty much unable to run at all let alone even stretch my neck down towards my feet without excruciating pain. So, in a desperate plea to find some kind of comfort (and not wanting to go the surgery route), I came to see Dr. Vince. We began immediate care in January 09', coming in 3 times per week, getting adjusted & making sure my atlas was in alignment. Within 2 weeks I started to feel a major difference - minimal sciatica pain and more energy!! For the first time in 6 months, I was able to bend, stretch, and move freely without the terrible nerve pain running from my gluteus all the way down my leg to the bottom of my tingling/numb foot!! Such a HUGE improvement in such a short amount of time.

I allowed myself a few months to heal and began running again in April 09.' I successfully completely the Cleveland Marathon in May 09,' qualified for the Boston Marathon, and by the summer time I took 3rd place in the Marin Headlands 50 mile Endurance Race. I owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Dr. Vince because there is no way I would be running the pace or mileage that I do on a weekly basis if it wasn't for her. At this point…I'm a client for life.

I only need to visit the office one time per week right now and this is simply to keep myself in alignment and stay healthy for peak performance. I'm scheduled to run a 100 mile race this summer and I will have to let you know how it goes. Again, thank you so much Dr. Vince, I really appreciate all of your time and effort - You are truly the best."

Marla Moresi

"Past chiropractors I have been to have adjusted me for temporary pain relief and short-term alignment, but for years I kept searching for a chiropractor who could put me on a path of healing. I have finally found that in Dr. Elena Vince.

My goal was to be healthier and stronger then before NOT just maintain the status quo. When I came to Dr. Vince an old neck injury kept re-occurring with more and more frequency and my lower back pain was so chronic that I actually stopped citing is as an issue because I had simply adapted to just living with it.

Dr. Vince did a nerve scan, performed a skeletal evaluation, took x-rays and recorded a complete health history on our first visit. This is when it became clear to me that she would be treating me as a whole person rather than just treating the symptoms, which is so prevalent in Western medicine. From there I was put on a specific treatment plan to better my health. She also educated me on how the spine contains the nervous system and how each area of the spine corresponds to particular areas of the body. When your spine is misaligned there will be less energy and nutrients going to certain organs-which made complete sense since I've had a chronically bad lower back for years along with two major abdominal surgeries. I finally realized they are connected! Today I am strong and healthy and am no longer in fear that I'm about to throw out my back if I make a wrong move or sleep without my neck pillow. An added benefit is that my libido has shot through the roof- which makes sense since my lower back was compromised for years, now that it is in alignment, that area of my body is now receiving the nutrients and energy it has been craving. So now I need to go find a boyfriend. I will be sure to have him send to Dr. Vince a thank you note when he surfaces…

I give Dr. Vince my highest recommendation and am thrilled to have found her. She has truly enhanced the quality of my life and my health and I am very grateful."

Staci James

"Con agradecimiento por la excelente forma de que la Doctora Elena, me compuso de mis dolores de la espalda y las piernas (antes casi no me podía levantar de una silla, estando sentado). Hoy puedo caminar, trabajar y levantarme sin dolores del cuerpo-un alivio total.

Su talento quiropráctico es definitivamente gradual y sin esfuerzo por lo que yo vi y experimente durante los meses de mi tratamiento. Sus habilidades como doctora quiropráctica son incomparables a cualquier otro doctor. Estoy sinceramente agradecido por su ayuda a mi recuperación física.

I am so thankful to Doctor Elena for her excellent care and the relief of pain she has given me in my back and legs (before I could barely stand-up from sitting in a chair). Today I can walk, work, and generally move my body without pain-a total relief.

From what I have seen during my treatment with Dr. Elena, her talent for chiropractic is definitely defined by her gentle approach. The abilities of chiropractors such as Dr. Elena are incomparable to any other type of doctor. I am sincerely grateful for her help in my physical rehabilitation."

Herman Del Pino

"My Chiropractic experience has been incredible. The amount of pain I was enduring in my lower back was so strong it would bring on my asthma attacks, which caused me to be taken to the hospital. But ever since I went to see Doctor Elena I no longer have back pain or asthma. Thank you Doctor for taking care of me!!!!

Quiero dar mi experiencia es increible yo tenia el dolor tan fuente de espalda que es dolor me provocaba ataque de asma los doctores no se explicaban por que yo tenia que estar cada mes en el hospital a causa del ataque de asma. Y desde que me esta tratando la doctora con sus tratamientos he mejorando los dolores de espalda y tambien con mi asma. Gracias Doctora!!!!"

Raquel Sanchez

"Chiropractic has helped me a lot with my back and my legs. Since I started coming I have no more pain I've noticed many changes in my life. I'm much happier now that I have more movement, and I can enjoy activities with my family. My health is stable, I feel Healthy now that I can run, play, and jump. Thanks to Dr. Elena. I'd recommend Chiropractic to anyone, it does help.

Chiropractico me ha ayudado muchisimo con mi espalda, y mis piernas. Desde que empese no he notado Dolores. He notado munchos cambios en mi vida, soy mas feliz porque ahora puedo hacer todo tipo de movimiento. Y disfrutar actividades con mi familia. Mi salud es mas estable, me ciento muy sano puedo corer, jugar, brincar y antes no. Gracias a la Dr. Elena Yo reccomiendo chiropractico a cualquer persona, si ayuda."

Telesforo Alvarado

"I'm doing good, I feel so much better now that I have no more headaches or lower back pain.I have more energy and I'm able to sleep better. Chiropractic really helps me perform everyday the best that I can."

Franklin Meyer

"I thank God for having met you. My family and I are grateful to you for the excellent work you have done with us. I remember the day I came to your office. My back was hurting and I could hardly walk. I felt pretty bad and was worried about my condition.

I had severe intense low back pain that radiated to my neck that was constant. My left arm would fall asleep and I occasionally felt like I couldn't breathe. Before I could not do the things that I did like running and walking because they became so difficult to do. Also, I felt like my priorities were set aside and I was losing concentration. After a while, I felt like nothing was going to be the same, nor would I ever be able to carry out my work with any effectiveness. I didn't believe in Chiropractors, I ignored many things about them until I heard about subluxation and how it affects the body. This motivated my life again and now months later of care and adjustments, I feel very good and joyful about my good health, and I am able to do many things without pain and I can understand what my body needs when I am not feeling well. Now, not only do I care for my body and my health too, but now my family sees Dr. Elena Vince!! My wife, Rocio, came to see Dr. Elena for the pain she had in her left hip for over 6 months. Over those 6 months before she came to Dr. Elena, the pain was gradually moving to her lower back, with numbness in both of her legs and cramping in her feet. These health problems with depressed her now are non existent. Thanks to Chiropractic we all have more energy and we are all happier, and do not have to live day to day with pain. My daughter Tiffany and Jessica had suffered from Allergies and Asthma before being adjusted. Now we know the importance of getting adjusted not just because you have symptoms, but for health maintenance. In the name of my wife, Rocio, my daughters, Tiffany and Jessica, we all thank Dr. Elena, may God bless her and thru her and her staff, continue to help many families, like they helped us.

Thank You, once again! Rafael, Rocio, Tiffany, and Jessica Canche"

Canche Family

"I heard about Dr. Elena from my brother in-law Mario Mendieta. He told me she was a very good Chiropractor. I injured my neck in an auto accident and had alot of low back pain which did not allow me to sleep or sit without my body being reclined. NOW I sleep well and sit normally, and have no pain the adjustments Dr. Elena gave me. Thanks to her I feel much better.

Yo escuche hablar de la Dra. Elena por medio de mi cunado Mario Mendieta. El me dijo que una buena doctora de quiropractica. Yo me lastime el cuello en un accidente y tambien tenia mucho dolor en la espalda era tan y fuerte el dolor que no podia dormir ni sentarme sin que la espalda estuviera inclinada. Ahora puedo dormir mejor y sentarme sin tanta inclinacion claro despues de los ajustes que la Dra. Elena me hizo. Gracias ha ella me siento mucho mejor."

Sabina Velazquez