Auto Injury & Whiplash Testimonials

"I was in a auto accident, hit by a drunk driver, on Highway 37. I was dizzy, my right hand kept falling asleep (tingly), when driving or doing other normal tasks of life. My neck and my back hurt. It was hard to concentrate on anything. After my very first adjustment from Dr. Elena, I began to heal. I am no longer dizzy. I am more energetic and can concentrate. One of the most amazing things that happened during my healing process was that I could "suddenly" see better driving home at night from work. I had had poor night vision for years and now I can see clear and far away, without squinting at all, thanks to Dr. Elena."

Carol Loughlin

"My Chiropractic care with Dr. Elena began with a rear-ender. Coming in weekly healed my whiplash, but more importantly, began my understanding that chiropractic care is not just when you are in pain. It keeps my body and spirit alive moving in the right direction. "

Shelley Dorssers

"I heard about Dr. Elena from my brother in-law Mario Mendieta. He told me she was a very good Chiropractor. I injured my neck in an auto accident and had alot of low back pain which did not allow me to sleep or sit without my body being reclined. NOW I sleep well and sit normally, and have no pain the adjustments Dr. Elena gave me. Thanks to her I feel much better.

Yo escuche hablar de la Dra. Elena por medio de mi cunado Mario Mendieta. El me dijo que una buena doctora de quiropractica. Yo me lastime el cuello en un accidente y tambien tenia mucho dolor en la espalda era tan y fuerte el dolor que no podia dormir ni sentarme sin que la espalda estuviera inclinada. Ahora puedo dormir mejor y sentarme sin tanta inclinacion claro despues de los ajustes que la Dra. Elena me hizo. Gracias ha ella me siento mucho mejor."

Sabina Velazquez