Disk Injuries Testimonials

"Hi! This is Marla Moresi. I was referred to Dr. Elena Vince back in early January of 2009 by my mother who had been coming to Dr. Vince for close to 15 years. My mom has always raved about what a fabulous chiropractor Dr. Vince is and how much she has aided in my mom's back recovery. I was always a bit leery about coming to see a chiropractor, mostly for the reason that I thought once you start you really wouldn't be able to stop. Now I have a completely different outlook on chiropractic care.

In the fall of 2008' I slipped a large disk in my lower back. The pain become worse as the months passed and eventually the disk was sitting at my sciatic nerve. By the end of the year I had nearly reached a point where I could no longer exercise, sit, or sleep without major discomfort. I am an ultra runner and at this point I was pretty much unable to run at all let alone even stretch my neck down towards my feet without excruciating pain. So, in a desperate plea to find some kind of comfort (and not wanting to go the surgery route), I came to see Dr. Vince. We began immediate care in January 09', coming in 3 times per week, getting adjusted & making sure my atlas was in alignment. Within 2 weeks I started to feel a major difference - minimal sciatica pain and more energy!! For the first time in 6 months, I was able to bend, stretch, and move freely without the terrible nerve pain running from my gluteus all the way down my leg to the bottom of my tingling/numb foot!! Such a HUGE improvement in such a short amount of time.

I allowed myself a few months to heal and began running again in April 09.' I successfully completely the Cleveland Marathon in May 09,' qualified for the Boston Marathon, and by the summer time I took 3rd place in the Marin Headlands 50 mile Endurance Race. I owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Dr. Vince because there is no way I would be running the pace or mileage that I do on a weekly basis if it wasn't for her. At this point…I'm a client for life.

I only need to visit the office one time per week right now and this is simply to keep myself in alignment and stay healthy for peak performance. I'm scheduled to run a 100 mile race this summer and I will have to let you know how it goes. Again, thank you so much Dr. Vince, I really appreciate all of your time and effort - You are truly the best."

Marla Moresi