Headache & Migraine Testimonials

"Chiropractic has changed my life in so many ways. I was 22 years old when I first started working for Dr. Elena. I had chronic neck pain and frequent migranes. This was affecting my school and daily life. When I started to receive chiropractic adjustment I notice differences in my strength and I no longer suffered from neck pain or headaches. I took into account the utmost importance of the spine and nerve system for adults and children. I learned that the nervous system controls everything in the body and if there is a problem in the spine and is not functioning properly there will be dysfunction and sickness throughout the nerve system and thus the entire body. Overtime, my body started functioning properly and I gained an entire new level of optimal health than you can only experience to believe it. My family has embraced chiropractic as well and this has changed their lives in so many positive ways. They are committed to their health and helping others understand the importance of chiropractic care. I truly believe that you can achieve the power of health and experience the incredible benefits of chiropractic care. I'm passionate about helping others to embark on this amazing journey. "

Carolina Lopez

"I first met Dr. Vince when a friend recommended her to help with severe headaches I was having, and nothing seemed to help. I would get pounding headaches when ever I bent over, coughed, or had any type of straining. I'm also a singer so I was very troubled when I would get these excruciating headaches whenever I sang. At first it was very hard to even get adjusted because I couldn't lie on my stomach. I have always believed that the body is amazing for how it is able to heal itself, so Dr. Vince's positive affirmations stayed with me in between adjustments. She was able to listen and find ways to clear the pathways to my healing. I'll never forget the day that I was able to lie on my stomach and have a real full adjustment. I was without headaches for almost three years. During those three years, I went through a tremendous amount of personal stress, and I was incredibly busy, too. I started decreasing the frequency of my chiropractic visits, until I stopped going for a while. It didn't take long for my headaches to start coming back. I went back to the neurologist, got the MRIs, played the modem medicine roulette, and again, nothing was helping. I sheepishly went back to Dr. Vince who talked and listened to me and went to work. The second time was a little harder to get to the point where I could lie on my stomach, but we're finally there. My nerve still gets inflamed if I'm not careful about using the computer or other repetitive activity, but I can tell it's healing, and with regular adjustments to help my body do just that, and with rest and a little time, I'll be headache free again. Only this time, I will be helping my body to stay healthy and heal itself. I'm a chiropractic wellness member for good!"

Dallis Craft

"I can remember having neck pain and headaches in high school. I went to many doctors, none were able help me. One told me it was all "in my head".

I turned to Chiropractic as a last resort, and the first adjustment I had, eliminated about 90% of the pain. Occasionally I have a "bad" headache, but are very infrequent now. I have been doing chiropractic for 25 years, and would not be without it. Thanks Dr. Elena!!"

Eileen Phillips

"I'm doing good, I feel so much better now that I have no more headaches or lower back pain.I have more energy and I'm able to sleep better. Chiropractic really helps me perform everyday the best that I can."

Franklin Meyer