Hip & Leg Pain Testimonials

"Maria: Before my hip and my neck were always hurting, I just felt like it was out of place, and now I have no more hip issues or lower back issues like I used to have. It used to be hard to get out of bed, and now all that is gone. Its been very beneficial for me, I've seen major changes in my life. I feel like I'm 18, I feel really good.

Michael: My neck used to hurt and now that I come here it has helped me. I can learn better without my neck hurting.

'As long as Dr. Elena is here, will be here'"

Marie and Michael Tellechea

"I thank God for having met you. My family and I are grateful to you for the excellent work you have done with us. I remember the day I came to your office. My back was hurting and I could hardly walk. I felt pretty bad and was worried about my condition.

I had severe intense low back pain that radiated to my neck that was constant. My left arm would fall asleep and I occasionally felt like I couldn't breathe. Before I could not do the things that I did like running and walking because they became so difficult to do. Also, I felt like my priorities were set aside and I was losing concentration. After a while, I felt like nothing was going to be the same, nor would I ever be able to carry out my work with any effectiveness. I didn't believe in Chiropractors, I ignored many things about them until I heard about subluxation and how it affects the body. This motivated my life again and now months later of care and adjustments, I feel very good and joyful about my good health, and I am able to do many things without pain and I can understand what my body needs when I am not feeling well. Now, not only do I care for my body and my health too, but now my family sees Dr. Elena Vince!! My wife, Rocio, came to see Dr. Elena for the pain she had in her left hip for over 6 months. Over those 6 months before she came to Dr. Elena, the pain was gradually moving to her lower back, with numbness in both of her legs and cramping in her feet. These health problems with depressed her now are non existent. Thanks to Chiropractic we all have more energy and we are all happier, and do not have to live day to day with pain. My daughter Tiffany and Jessica had suffered from Allergies and Asthma before being adjusted. Now we know the importance of getting adjusted not just because you have symptoms, but for health maintenance. In the name of my wife, Rocio, my daughters, Tiffany and Jessica, we all thank Dr. Elena, may God bless her and thru her and her staff, continue to help many families, like they helped us.

Thank You, once again! Rafael, Rocio, Tiffany, and Jessica Canche"

Canche Family

"Con agradecimiento por la excelente forma de que la Doctora Elena, me compuso de mis dolores de la espalda y las piernas (antes casi no me podía levantar de una silla, estando sentado). Hoy puedo caminar, trabajar y levantarme sin dolores del cuerpo-un alivio total.

Su talento quiropráctico es definitivamente gradual y sin esfuerzo por lo que yo vi y experimente durante los meses de mi tratamiento. Sus habilidades como doctora quiropráctica son incomparables a cualquier otro doctor. Estoy sinceramente agradecido por su ayuda a mi recuperación física.

I am so thankful to Doctor Elena for her excellent care and the relief of pain she has given me in my back and legs (before I could barely stand-up from sitting in a chair). Today I can walk, work, and generally move my body without pain-a total relief.

From what I have seen during my treatment with Dr. Elena, her talent for chiropractic is definitely defined by her gentle approach. The abilities of chiropractors such as Dr. Elena are incomparable to any other type of doctor. I am sincerely grateful for her help in my physical rehabilitation. "

Herman Del Pino

"Chiropractic has helped me a lot with my back and my legs. Since I started coming I have no more pain I've noticed many changes in my life. I'm much happier now that I have more movement, and I can enjoy activities with my family. My health is stable, I feel Healthy now that I can run, play, and jump. Thanks to Dr. Elena. I'd recommend Chiropractic to anyone, it does help.

Chiropractico me ha ayudado muchisimo con mi espalda, y mis piernas. Desde que empese no he notado Dolores. He notado munchos cambios en mi vida, soy mas feliz porque ahora puedo hacer todo tipo de movimiento. Y disfrutar actividades con mi familia. Mi salud es mas estable, me ciento muy sano puedo corer, jugar, brincar y antes no. Gracias a la Dr. Elena Yo reccomiendo chiropractico a cualquer persona, si ayuda."

Telesforo Alvarado