Miscellaneous Testimonials

"All of the above! My quality of life has definitely improved since being treated by Dr. Vince."

Judy L Patient Testimonial

"Very kind and caring staff, easy to communicate with the office and super professional service for long term health."

Chia O Patient Testimonial

"Lindsey- I am a 5 year old girl. I had been relatively healthy but last year I had 4 ear infections in a row. My mommy didn't want to give me anymore "pink" medicine so she found Dr. Elena. After seeing Dr. Elena my colds have not turned into ear infections. I also feel much better overall. Dr. Elena and her staff are GREAT. They make me smile and help entertain us. I am nervous and scared about being adjusted but Dr. Elena is gentle and makes me smile."

"Brayden-I am a 3 year old boy. I had very bad allergies excema, colds and ear infections. I also had a hard timea really bad cold in 6 months and I don't get ear infections or my really bad coughs anymore. I can run really fast- my mom can hardly keep up with me. My neck feels better too. I am happier and healthier. Dr. Elena and her staff are AWESOME!!! They have made big changes in my life. They are super friendly-they even put up with my 3 year old tricks. They are incredibly positive and are really interested in making me feel better and also maintaining my health. I love them!!"

Brayden and Lindsey Ear Infection Testimonial

"I was in a auto accident, hit by a drunk driver, on Highway 37. I was dizzy, my right hand kept falling asleep (tingly), when driving or doing other normal tasks of life. My neck and my back hurt. It was hard to concentrate on anything. After my very first adjustment from Dr. Elena, I began to heal. I am no longer dizzy. I am more energetic and can concentrate. One of the most amazing things that happened during my healing process was that I could "suddenly" see better driving home at night from work. I had had poor night vision for years and now I can see clear and far away, without squinting at all, thanks to Dr. Elena."

Carol Loughlin Dizziness Testimonial

"Chiropractic has allowed me to achieve great flexibility and more comfort at doing my job as fireman. I have noticed better range of motion. I'm going to maintain and continue the progress I have made."

Jim Lydon Range of Motion Testimonial