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Neck Pain Treatment Testimonial

Neck Pain Testimonials

"In May of 2008, I went to see my doctor because I thought I had an ear infection (slight pain). Having found nothing, she felt it was due to high blood pressure (which it wasn't). To make a long story short, the pain increased and became debilitating.I tried physical therapy and acupuncture. Neither of these seemed to make any difference. I had every scan and MRI possible. Nothing was found and the head of surgery told me in April of 2010, there wasn't anything he could do and basically said "Good Luck". A friend of my son and daughter-in law, suggested I might want to try Chiropractic care. She has seen Dr. Vince for many years and felt it was worth a try. Having had a very bad experience over 30 years ago with Chiropractic care, I wasn't sure, but felt all else had failed. I decided to give it six months. If there wasn't any improvement, nothing lost. So, here I am over a year later and wish I had come to Dr. Vince sooner. Within the first month the symptoms had decreased and after a year I am free of the debilitating pain. If you are skeptical, I assure you, you Will be in good hands with Dr. Vince."

Kathy Simon

"I first came to Dr. Vince in the fall of 2005. I had been suffering with a stiff neck and shoulder for about 10 yrs. I had seen a Cranio Sacral specialist, acupuncturists, message therapist, and several other chiropractors. Just before giving up, a friend confided that her chronic neck pain, painful headaches had been eliminated by Dr. Vince. In my 1st appt. I received x-rays, scan and a detailed exam of my spine. No doctor had done that. Dr. Vince showed me exactly what the problem was, and set me up on a program. A month later I noticed my pain was gone. Over the next weeks, I slept better, and had more energy. I felt better in everyway. It's unbelievable to me now that I lived with pain for as long as I did. 32 degrees shift in cervical curve in 3 months time! Amazing! The body constantly strives to be in balance with proper structure and function. A properly functioning nerve system allows the miracles of the body to unfold."

Beth Howard

"Chiropractic has changed my life in so many ways. I was 22 years old when I first started working for Dr. Elena. I had chronic neck pain and frequent migranes. This was affecting my school and daily life. When I started to receive chiropractic adjustment I notice differences in my strength and I no longer suffered from neck pain or headaches. I took into account the utmost importance of the spine and nerve system for adults and children. I learned that the nervous system controls everything in the body and if there is a problem in the spine and is not functioning properly there will be dysfunction and sickness throughout the nerve system and thus the entire body. Overtime, my body started functioning properly and I gained an entire new level of optimal health than you can only experience to believe it. My family has embraced chiropractic as well and this has changed their lives in so many positive ways. They are committed to their health and helping others understand the importance of chiropractic care. I truly believe that you can achieve the power of health and experience the incredible benefits of chiropractic care. I'm passionate about helping others to embark on this amazing journey. "

Carolina Lopez

"Past chiropractors I have been to have adjusted me for temporary pain relief and short-term alignment, but for years I kept searching for a chiropractor who could put me on a path of healing. I have finally found that in Dr. Elena Vince.

My goal was to be healthier and stronger then before NOT just maintain the status quo. When I came to Dr. Vince an old neck injury kept re-occurring with more and more frequency and my lower back pain was so chronic that I actually stopped citing is as an issue because I had simply adapted to just living with it.

Dr. Vince did a nerve scan, performed a skeletal evaluation, took x-rays and recorded a complete health history on our first visit. This is when it became clear to me that she would be treating me as a whole person rather than just treating the symptoms, which is so prevalent in Western medicine. From there I was put on a specific treatment plan to better my health. She also educated me on how the spine contains the nervous system and how each area of the spine corresponds to particular areas of the body. When your spine is misaligned there will be less energy and nutrients going to certain organs-which made complete sense since I've had a chronically bad lower back for years along with two major abdominal surgeries. I finally realized they are connected! Today I am strong and healthy and am no longer in fear that I'm about to throw out my back if I make a wrong move or sleep without my neck pillow. An added benefit is that my libido has shot through the roof- which makes sense since my lower back was compromised for years, now that it is in alignment, that area of my body is now receiving the nutrients and energy it has been craving. So now I need to go find a boyfriend. I will be sure to have him send to Dr. Vince a thank you note when he surfaces…

I give Dr. Vince my highest recommendation and am thrilled to have found her. She has truly enhanced the quality of my life and my health and I am very grateful. "

Staci James

Mauricio ranked 12th at the state championships overall (second highest ranking junior) & currently ranks 38th in the nation.

"Before chiropractic I had back pain, neck pain and knee pain. Once I started coming here for care I noticed I had no more back pain in a short time. I started getting sick less often. I had more energy and slept a lot better. As I kept coming in for my maintenance adjustments my performance in track and field kept getting better and better because I'm more healthy all the time. I think that breaking a school record had to do a lot with coming here and getting checked every weekend and eating healthy. It helps a lot keeping my body aligned. It has also helped me be more focused in school. I could sit down for a longer amount of time, which before chiropractic I was not able to. My neck would start hurting and could not sit down as much. Now I could sit down and focus and do just about anything. It feels great and I have learned that having a healthy nervous system is essential to do everything you want in life. "

Mauricio Cornejo

"I can remember having neck pain and headaches in high school. I went to many doctors, none were able help me. One told me it was all "in my head". I turned to Chiropractic as a last resort, and the first adjustment I had, eliminated about 90% of the pain. Occasionally I have a "bad" headache, but are very infrequent now. I have been doing chiropractic for 25 years, and would not be without it. Thanks Dr. Elena!!"

Eileen Phillips

"I thank God for having met you. My family and I are grateful to you for the excellent work you have done with us. I remember the day I came to your office. My back was hurting and I could hardly walk. I felt pretty bad and was worried about my condition.

I had severe intense low back pain that radiated to my neck that was constant. My left arm would fall asleep and I occasionally felt like I couldn't breathe. Before I could not do the things that I did like running and walking because they became so difficult to do. Also, I felt like my priorities were set aside and I was losing concentration. After a while, I felt like nothing was going to be the same, nor would I ever be able to carry out my work with any effectiveness. I didn't believe in Chiropractors, I ignored many things about them until I heard about subluxation and how it affects the body. This motivated my life again and now months later of care and adjustments, I feel very good and joyful about my good health, and I am able to do many things without pain and I can understand what my body needs when I am not feeling well. Now, not only do I care for my body and my health too, but now my family sees Dr. Elena Vince!! My wife, Rocio, came to see Dr. Elena for the pain she had in her left hip for over 6 months. Over those 6 months before she came to Dr. Elena, the pain was gradually moving to her lower back, with numbness in both of her legs and cramping in her feet. These health problems with depressed her now are non existent. Thanks to Chiropractic we all have more energy and we are all happier, and do not have to live day to day with pain. My daughter Tiffany and Jessica had suffered from Allergies and Asthma before being adjusted. Now we know the importance of getting adjusted not just because you have symptoms, but for health maintenance. In the name of my wife, Rocio, my daughters, Tiffany and Jessica, we all thank Dr. Elena, may God bless her and thru her and her staff, continue to help many families, like they helped us.

Thank You, once again! Rafael, Rocio, Tiffany, and Jessica Canche"

Canche Family

"Maria: Before my hip and my neck were always hurting, I just felt like it was out of place, and now I have no more hip issues or lower back issues like I used to have. It used to be hard to get out of bed, and now all that is gone. Its been very beneficial for me, I've seen major changes in my life. I feel like I'm 18, I feel really good.

Michael: My neck used to hurt and now that I come here it has helped me. I can learn better without my neck hurting.

'As long as Dr. Elena is here, will be here'"

Marie and Michael Tellechea

"I went to see Dr. Elena because I was suffering of chronic neck and shoulder pain, also had arterial fibrillation with an accelerated heart beat. Since I have seen Dr. Elena my heart beat is normal, no fibrillation. I feel great, more alive, more present. I sleep better. I feel healthier than ever.

Thank you Dr. Elena!!!!"

Maria Teresa Petrone

"I was in a auto accident, hit by a drunk driver, on Highway 37. I was dizzy, my right hand kept falling asleep (tingly), when driving or doing other normal tasks of life. My neck and my back hurt. It was hard to concentrate on anything. After my very first adjustment from Dr. Elena, I began to heal. I am no longer dizzy. I am more energetic and can concentrate. One of the most amazing things that happened during my healing process was that I could "suddenly" see better driving home at night from work. I had had poor night vision for years and now I can see clear and far away, without squinting at all, thanks to Dr. Elena. "

Carol Loughlin

"Chiropractic care has been essential for me for the past eight years. Two months into my new career as a teacher, my neck and shoulders began to stiffen and ache regularly. I decided to try chiropractic care, so I visited Dr. Elena Vince. I saw results immediately, with decreased pain and stiffness. The occurrences became fewer and farther between, now I've been years without pain.

I know enjoy chiropractic care twice a week and plan to do so for as long as possible. Thanks Dr. Vince!! "

Tim Ahrens

"I heard about Dr. Elena from my brother in-law Mario Mendieta. He told me she was a very good Chiropractor. I injured my neck in an auto accident and had alot of low back pain which did not allow me to sleep or sit without my body being reclined. NOW I sleep well and sit normally, and have no pain the adjustments Dr. Elena gave me. Thanks to her I feel much better. Yo escuche hablar de la Dra. Elena por medio de mi cunado Mario Mendieta. El me dijo que una buena doctora de quiropractica. Yo me lastime el cuello en un accidente y tambien tenia mucho dolor en la espalda era tan y fuerte el dolor que no podia dormir ni sentarme sin que la espalda estuviera inclinada. Ahora puedo dormir mejor y sentarme sin tanta inclinacion claro despues de los ajustes que la Dra. Elena me hizo. Gracias ha ella me siento mucho mejor."

Sabina Velasquez

"My name is Leo Espinoza and I was referred to Dr. Elena by a friend. Before starting chiropractic care I used to suffer from low back pain, shoulder pain and pain in my foot. I have been under care for 6 months and I no longer suffer from any of those pains. I think chiropractic is an awesome natural alternative for any one experiencing pain or not, to heal and maintain health.

Mi nombre es Leo Espinoza y fui recomendado por un amigo a la oficina de la Dr. Elena. Antes de venir al quiropractico yo sufria de dolor de espalda y brazo y dolor del pie. Despues de ajustarme los dolores han desaparecido gracias a los cuidados de la Dra Elena. Yo creo que quiropractica es una alternantiva natural para curar el cuerpo y recuperar la salud."

Leo Espinoza