Shoulder & Arm Pain Testimonials

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Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief Testimonial

Shoulder Pain Testimonials

"After months going to physical therapy, doing physical therapy exercises at home and acupuncture with no avail, I turned to chiropractics. I never gave chiropractic practice much credence before, but I went in desperation. My philosophy is to avoid going under the knife until I have no other alternative. So I played my last card and that was Dr. Vince. Dr. Vince could barely touch any part of my upper body because the slight touch would be very painful. I could not even lie down on my stomach to get checked initially. Over the months, Dr. Vince was able to adjust my spine and put more hands on to work on my issue.

I have been so pleased and impressed with what Dr. Vince has accomplished in getting me to be more mobile. I can attend to all my normal daily activities and am working out regularly at the gym now. All this was accomplished in 6 months."

Bernadette Payne

"I went to see Dr. Elena because I was suffering of chronic neck and shoulder pain, also had arterial fibrillation with an accelerated heart beat. Since I have seen Dr. Elena my heart beat is normal, no fibrillation. I feel great, more alive, more present. I sleep better. I feel healthier than ever.

Thank you Dr. Elena!!!!"

Maria Teresa Petrone

"Chiropractic care has been essential for me for the past eight years. Two months into my new career as a teacher, my neck and shoulders began to stiffen and ache regularly. I decided to try chiropractic care, so I visited Dr. Elena Vince. I saw results immediately, with decreased pain and stiffness. The occurrences became fewer and farther between, now I've been years without pain.

I know enjoy chiropractic care twice a week and plan to do so for as long as possible. Thanks Dr. Vince!! "

Tim Ahrens